Wrexham Museum Hosts Welsh National Opera.


Wrexham County Borough Museum (WCBM) is playing host to the Welsh National Opera (WNO)  as they bring Opera to the town as part of a three year project.

“Nine Stories High” is a community project  aimed at raising awareness about the work of the WNO involving the local community through a series of workshops.

Rhian Hutchings, Director of the community and education programme, WNO MAX,  explained: “The project aims to encourage local people in writing, telling and sharing their stories in a variety of ways”.

The WNO’s three year residency at the museum aims to develop strong partnerships with a variety of community groups such as Pendine Park Care Home.

Mario Kreft, the proprietor of Pendine Park, who is an opera lover said:
“We are thrilled that Welsh National Opera are going to be having a presence in Wrexham and there is going to be some interesting community work”.

The stories will be written with the help of writing and creative workshops in a variety of community groups and the finished mini opera will be performed in and around  the town in locations such as cafe’s and bars.

Each of the 5 minute episodes are available on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/streetsongs


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