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Wrexham museum are playing host to the Welsh National Opera (WNO) in a bid to bring culture to the wannabee City.

A libbrettist cleverly crafts real life stories from the townspeople people into opera. Drama, intrigue, gossip, murder, passion, births, deaths, marriages, essential ingredients for any soap.

The WNO engage communities in a carefully crafted series of activies for idea’s and inspiration. Creative writing workshops, singing around the Christmas tree and impromptu appearances around the town are just some of these.

I meet up with the cast rehearsing at the Wrexham County Borough Museum and I’m completely blown away as their voices fills the high ceilings of the former law courts with a sound that leaves no space in the room.

It is truly beautiful and whats more I can understand it, me who knows nothing about opera. I don´t want it to end, the voices rise to crescendo’s and drop to a hush in an instant, it’s mesmerising, exciting, calming, their control is amazing.

The mezzo soprano’s last notes hang in the air for a few seconds  before the spell is broken.

I’m tempted to call out “arrivederci” before sweeping out of the room taking the magic with me.


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