Blog One Glyndwr Uni Charlie Jones

The Wrexham museum is currently playing host to the head of John the baptist, and a beach hut. Whats the connection, you may think? I mean John the baptist is a long way from home and I´m not sure he ever mentioned a beach hut, did he?

The Wrexham museum was recently re-furbished at a cost of £950,000  match funded by the arts lottery fund and Wrexham County Borough Council (WCBC)

Not content with displaying artefacts from the past the Museum are cleverly playing host to the enthusiastic and vibrant Welsh National Opera (WNO) and whats that to do with the past?  The WNO took up temporary residence during Wrexhams year of culture in 2011 and they’re out on the street making history and recording real life stories.

Just imagine how different it would be if we were looking back on history with the benefit of the technology available to us now. John the Baptist with a facebook page or the servants from Erddig hall tweeting about the boss?

John the Baptists head and the beach hut links up nicely if you visit the WNO’s exhibition being held at the WCBM and take a look at the history Wrexhams townspeople made before.


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